Build Your Dream

What is Sleepy Money?

Tired of working full time to barely make ends meet at the end of every month? I’ve always believed that if you’re not building your own dream, you’re working to build someone else’s dream. It’s time to build your dream.

man sleeping and dreaming of money as a reference to building your dream

Build Your Dream

Our Approach

Sleepy money is a strategy that bridges the gap between “effort” and “financial prosperity” by making your money earn more money, which in turn earns more money, until you have enough money being earned that you can break away from the day-to-day toil and start living the life you deserve and have time for the things that matter most.

I’m not talking about a money-making scheme, or a get rich quick discovery, sleepy money deals with some of the most effective and proven ways to make your money earn money for you, and while “effortless prosperity” is the final goal, it doesn’t mean it will take hard work and persistence to get there.

So how do you get money to work for you?